Battle of the Somme, an intensive battle in 1916.

In the eastern medieval castle tower of Schagen Castle you will find a collection of objects from the First World War. The name Somme Museum is derived from the fact that the archaeological finds come from the so-called “Somme area”, a district in northern France where an intensive battle took place in the second half of 1916.

Willem van Erp


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French "Adrian" helmet with memorial plaque

If a French soldier had survived the entire war, this copper memorial plaque was placed on the helmet.
The inscription reads: Soldier of the Great War 1914 – 1918.
The veterans often kept the helmet on as they were given free drinks in the cafés. Most of them ended up as a ‘clochard’, though.

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A 'forgotten war'. It became clear to me how gruesome a war has been and is. I was properly informed about things that you can not find in any history book. Outstanding!

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